Clumber Spaniels

meet the beautiful Erinveine Clumber Spaniels , and find great information on care and owning a Clumber, the history of the Clumber and gifts for the Clumber lover

Jan Irving's Art

Jan Irving uses watercolour and gouache to create art, yes, most of it features Clumbers or is used in the Erinrac books, but not all

Erinrac property hosts

Barbara Irving’s Brac Lincoln Longwool Sheep Flock,

Brac Angora Goat Flock produces of soft handling fine mohair,

Jan Irving’s Dorking poultry flock, and Welsh Cob horse.

Canine Colletables

Canine Collectables Courier, the place to share and enjoy your dog collecting passion, is now hosted at

However, here you will still find great dog books, new,
and old, and super vintage canine and dog collectibles

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